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HEY HEY HEY! Some changes happenin round here!!! THANKS to theee most talented team of designers (Graeme, Blair & Marc) at The Trading Co. We now have a fabulous new site that incorporates our blog, online shop and storefront info all into one fabulous destination. We may be small fry but “Ima show you how great I AM.”

Our official website is: This is the end to my Tumblr blog but have no fear – bloggin will continue over at

See you soon!

Arthur & Jane Hillabold


My Grandfather passed away 2 years ago today. 09/09/09

It’s no surprise I think of my Grandfather (the namesake of my shop, my son’s middle name and the tattoo on my left wrist) often. But it’s near impossible to separate memories of my Grandfather from the memories of my Grandmother (they died 6 months apart). Together they were a pretty hilarious force of nature. Fierce humanitarians, healthy debaters and happy Happy Hour imbibers.

I’ll be toasting to Art & Janie tonite.



Do you see this bike? Do you, do you??? It’s my new HERCULES bike!!! It’s an old Indian built bike replete with front light powered by my back wheel, crazy Japanese brakes, awesome kickstand and bouncey spring seat. Due to it’s Indian heritage, going forward this bike shall be known as: SAI BABA.

Thanks to Craigslist and SUPER THANKS to Bikes on Wheels for theee ultimate tune-up!

Shelter Protects You.


I just received my super awesome shipment from the talented Karie Reinertson who runs the creative line - Shelter Protects You. I have to say i’m pretty proud to be one of only 2 retailers in North America that carry Shelter. Her quality, creativity and beautiful design sense stopped me in my tracks when i found her wares on Etsy.

This is some pretty sweet timing since she’s now the featured artist on Etsy!!! Go have a look here!

Karie’s approach to life is so lovely. It was so great to read her interview on Etsy because it reminded me again why I opened The Arthur. I’m desperate to create a little pocket of life where we can slow down, reminisce and appreciate the sweet things of life. (Thanks Karie - keep on keepin on!)

So if you’re in Toronto - come by and have a peek at the new Shelter purses and backpacks we’ve got in stock.

And the End of Summer Sale is still on! Only 5 more days of 20% off ticketed items!!!

Summer Sale!


Photo by the late GREAT Vivian Maier. (Go check out her work and the story of her discovery. Do it. Do it now!)

This week’s been the 1st week that feels lovely and warm and perfectly summer. Well wouldn’t you know it, that’s the beginning of the end. The minute you start enjoying it - summer’s on it’s way out. I think the ‘fleeting’ part is why we cherish the summer so much (or that’s what i tell myself so i don’t get too jealous of everyone living in California and down south…)

So, I think it’s time for a SUMMER SALE! Take off an additional 20% off any summer ticketed items in the shop through the month of August!!!

In case you forgot:

The Arthur

550 College St.

Toronto, Ont.


Record Player


i bought a record player for the shop last nite. it’s makin me happy.

Estate Sales

I just saw this link yesterday and thought it was perfectly timed to my thoughts this week.


Photo by Leilani Wertens

I love Leilani Wertens images of estate sale homes. I attended an estate sale last week and there’s a part of the experience that I love and a part that i detest.

I love the part where I get to discover how someone else lived. All the minutiae of daily life that makes up a life lived. At estate sales you see the dish soap, the books, the carpet and the artwork that these people lived with. I tend to make up little ideas of what these people were like.

In my mind, last week’s estate sale was of an old English woman’s home. I imagine she was in the arts - theatre most likely (lots of books of plays and theatre albums). She was raised in Tynemouth (i bought her class photo). She was modern and possibly a little fierce (my guess from her fashion sense & definately a smoker). Those elements i find comfort in. I feel happy to pass on items when i get a sense of where they come from.

The part I detest is the culture/community of estate sales. The other pickers are generally grossly competitive and always chomping at the bit to scour and scrounge through someone else’s belongings. The lack of respect really bugs me. At this last sale - there were about 10 of us there. And when they opened the door - guys were pushing me from behind. What the hell? There isn’t 50 of us?! This isn’t a sold out show at the ACC?!

I’m usually the youngest (still a little bright eyed and bushytailed) at the sales and maybe being an old crank is a side effect of going to a lot of estate sales. Maybe you get jaded and gnarly from being in so many peoples homes? If so, then I best be finding my items elsewhere because that’s not a side effect I’d be okay with.

I’m not too particular to being remembered after I die. If I’ve lived my life well then that’s more important. But if my items get to continue on, with a little sense of me remaining, well that would be sweet.


Photo by Leilani Wertens

Movie Posters

So, i just found this awesome movie poster auction house online and recently won a lot of 26 posters. I really only wanted this one:


Have you seen a prettier poster? Come on?! Type! Design! Photography! Alan Arkin!

But then there was this surprise in the lot:


Did you know about Sly and Dolly’s film forays together? I did not but now my life feels sadly at a loss without having seen this film. I’m sure the film will be as good as this poster?!

And my favorite/strangest surprise was:


Oh that fun romp - Mister Moses! Nothing like a little/A LOT of colonial humour! How did Robert Mitchum inherit a tribe of restless natives??? and an elephant and a blonde???

not sure what to do with this one…

in the Grid!

well, i’m not a fan of being photographed (much happier behind than in front of the camera) but i took one for the team (THANK YOU REYNARD LI!) since The Grid did a sweet little profile of The Arthur!!! Perfect timing with the giant sale going on too!

Happy Canada Day friends!

p.s. i’m doing my best to get items online today - and don’t hate if some photos are via iphone. a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do?!


Canada Day Sale!


(well maybe not back bacon cos that’s gross)

It’s been a flurry of activity at our new storefront and we couldn’t be more delighted. If you haven’t been by then this next weekend will be a great reason to come! We’ll be hosting our 1st month Anniversary/Canada Day Sale! Starting Thursday, June 30th till Sunday, July 3rd we’ll be marking down items by 10-35%! We’ll also be updating and marking items down online as well!

* Canada Day Story #101:

While i was backpacking in India - i fell ill in Mumbai and i was desperately homesick. So i spent what was a lot of money ($5 USD!) and went to the english subtitled movie theatre to watch the worst Bruce Willis film (the Siege) and drink my Canada Dry. Sipping ginger ale while listening to The Siege in farsi with english subtitles while eating a pakora wasn’t exactly Canadian but was as close as I could get!

(sounds like a bad ginger ale ad, doesn’t it?)